Essin' Em

Essin' Em is a kinky, queer, feminist, politically active, disabled sex-educator Femme, with a bit of a twisted sense of humor. Her sexuality blog can be found at and her sex educator site is She spends her time pondering sex, sexuality, the gender spectrum, non-traditional relationships, sex toys, erotic writing, queer sexuality, new definitions of feminism and more. In the real world, she has Master’s in Human Sexuality Education, and does work both online and face-to-face, educating people in a variety of ways about a variety of subjects. She is currently the Resident Sexuality Educator for Fascinations ( You can read her sex tips, erotica, fact and fiction in a variety of places, both print and online. For the last 3 years, she's been part of the advice panel at In her free time, she’s a mother to three kitties (Kinsey, Kali and Jasper), enjoys vegetarian food and cupcakes, and lives with her social justice rockstar of a partner, to whom she is engaged. Her apartment is a hodgepodge of sexuality books, porn, sex toys, British mysteries and tea – whatever else might you need in life?