Aug 11

August Femme Writing Prompt

Here's this month's Femme Writing Prompt! These are open to being answered by anyone. Feel free to leave your answer in the comments, on your own blog, and/or submit it to be a guest post. They will be posted at the beginning of each month and all Femme Galaxy authors and readers are highly encouraged to respond.

This month's prompt:

What is your experience (or lack thereof) with femme invisibility? What is one thing each of us can do to help end this phenomenon?

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  1. Just wrote a post about this, pre-prompt! Viva la Hive Brain.

  2. H says:

    I wrote about this recently, though a bit indirectly. I'm working on a three-part series on femmeness right now. I wanted to write it because I realized that my way of being femme makes me invisible not only to straights, but also to other queers in my community, despite the fact that there are tons of femmes here who are visible. The thing is, they're all high femmes, pantsless femmes, and femmes who wear glitter. The first part of the series is about the pin-up aesthetic and how it gets normalized in our everyday comments about what's femme and what isn't to make invisible and exclude anyone who doesn't fit it: http://www.cuntext.com/2011/femme-post-pinups-today/

  3. Sarah says:

    1st off: I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Holiday, regardless of what/if any holiday you spend, or not. *grins*

    2nd: I am really missing reading new articles. This site has been a boon to helping me figure out myself. I am newly out Queer Wise and am also (slowly) coming out as genderfluid. I refer to myself as a Genderfluid Femme. Because Femme is my primary gender mode. Then Neutral, and lastly Masculine. Anyways...I don't want to get into a long diatribe on that, lol....I just wanted to explain alittle bit about why this site is really cool, and how much I would love to see it going.

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